Real me; Real story :)

Why do people talk bad about other people?

How people’s souls become so dirty and burdened that they have to hate and say such horrible words? This generation is drowning in its social media and it’s pressuring  us to feel certain ways about someone, just based off of what we see on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and etc…
But do you actually know what you’re talking about?
Is it any of you business?
Who are you hurting?

In some situations, yes, you may be hurting the victims, but in my opinion, you’re hurting yourself. You’re burdening yourself and stressing yourself out by WORRYING ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE’S LIVES. 
You should not have that much free time and have such an ugly heart to hate someone and talk bad about someone.
There are so many things you could talk about that would actually be worth your while.
It’s such a waste of time. You have much more intelligence than that.
Try your best not to ne a hypocrite. Don’t turn around and say he/she is annoying but “you don’t care” because you obviously do.
Find something else to worry about. Work on yourself and figure your heart out. Not only does that person deserve better, but so do you.
Don’t burden yourself.

Don’t hate people!
Forgive and forget. Love unconditionally , and help people grow because you want to be a splendid person and friends.



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