Learn To Love Yourself

Notes For Myself ;, Real me; Real story :)
  1. See the good in your past.
    There will always be things that we wish had never happened; there will always be bad memories and things that we regret. But they are part of who you are – so accept that they have happened and celebrate the person they’ve allowed you to become.
  2. Invest time in the things that bring you happiness.
    It is important to identify the things that you enjoy, and that make you come alive and are all part of “you”. Spending time on those things will help to raise your self-esteem, as you are valuing yourself when you pursue happiness. It is also detached you from anything or anyone that is making you feel bad about yourself or causing you unhappiness – this maybe a toxic friend to a job that you are just not loving.
  3. Forgive yourself for your mistakes.
    We all make mistakes, we are only human – and when we think of them we cringe. But that doesn’t make you any worse than other people. Try and learn what you can, and then move on with your life. We are not defined by our mistakes and you should not let them obstacles.
  4. Stop criticising yourself.
    So often we’re really our own worst enemy. We look for our flaws, and we put ourselves down, and it’s difficult to stop the annoying voice in our heads. It’s time to change that behaviour. Try to glorify all your traits and physical characteristic –  Stop putting yourself down.
  5. Do what makes you feel good about yourself.
    If putting on makeup gives you confidence, then go for it. If jogging 3km a day makes you feel so great about your body, don’t let anything stop you from doing it so. If brushing your hair and moisturising makes you feel amazing, I hope you do that every day. These are the stepping stones to loving yourself.
  6. Appreciate your life !
    Of course, there are things that you wish that you could change. But some things are good and are worth appreciating. So, focus on, appreciate, and make lots of your strengths.  

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