Long Distance Relationship (LDR)

Real me; Real story :)


I’ve been in a long distance relationship for nearly a year now, and the best way I can describe it with is the constant countdown.
I might count down the day and time to see him again or savoring how much time we have left to spend together. It is a strange balance! If anticipation and anxiety, and honestly, I don’t have to mess with my head of my focus on it too much.

Being patience is probably the number one rule when you are in an LDR. The worst feeling by far as not knowing when you’re gonna see each other again, but once you locked in a date and book a flight that’s when the time begins. No matter what you know what happening it’s always back up on your mind and especially if it’s something amazing because you just wish they were there to experience with you too. But what keeps me going is knowing that every day, hour, minute that passed you know that much closer to seeing them.

Many people said that LDR is sucked, and I will tell you this, it’s just because you couldn’t deal with it. Yes, it’s hard. You are gonna have moments if loneliness when you are in an LDR. We all have had a terrible day, or you’re feeling down, not being able to hug him, or even hold his hand is tough. But there are other ways to show that you’re there for them by texts, voice memos, skype and we communicate, and stick into it in different ways and innovative ways, and it proves that your relationship is beyond something physical.

When you’re in an LDR, it forces you to be independent in your relationship, not having your boyfriend live nearby gives no options but to do everything on your own. You have extra time to work on your job, your interests, your passions. You can spend quality time with your friends, family and just develop a healthy relationship with them. You will never be those people that just disappear when they get in a relationship.

When you’re in an LDR, you learn how to rely on yourself. You start to have a love-hate relationship with the airport and getting ready to see him still give me butterflies. That’s crazy!! When you’re there, you really can’t wait to take off the ground, seeing them on the other side is probably one of the best feelings in the world. It feels like you saved all your token and finally caught them all in. You just appreciate every moment when you’re with them because it’s something that you’ve been patiently waiting for, even little things like stuck in traffic, or making breakfast, they are all adventures.

I didn’t plan to be in an LDR, but love finds you in expected place.




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