Notes For Myself ;, Real me; Real story :)

it’s really hard to decide when you’re too tired to hold on.
yet, you’re too in love to let go.

ever been in this position? a lot of us have and it is a very difficult position to be in. it is hard to hold on something that you know is weighing you down, ad preventing you from living a positive life but at the same time, it is hard to just let go of someone that you hold so dearly to your heart.
there is no wrong or right answer to this equation presented in many of our lives, and everyone’s situation though similar is different and unique.

try ti remember why you’re holding on to this person, are they encouraging and uplifting your life, or are you just holding on to this person because you are too loyal, too scared or just to used to being with someone, know that you are a special person and that you deserve to be treated as such.
never let your circumstances hold you back from your dreams, and remember to make the best decision for yourself and your happiness, and no one else.

we have to be a little selfish sometimes


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