Notes For Myself ;, Real me; Real story :)

you will never learn how to love me right.
i know that now.
i know that.
i have realized that you can give a person five thousand chances
but they will still let you down every time, it is in some people nature to hurt others.
it is in your nature to hurt.
it is in my nature to forgive.

but i am not going to sit here and take it anymore .
i am not going to continue to let you use your hands to fix other people
while you’re breaking me.
i was there for you, i remember when you were lonely.
i was the only one person who stuck around.
now, you’re surrounded by people and you don’t need me anymore
i was the only person in the entire world that would have done anything for you.

i am leaving now, i am exiting your life as quietly as i can
and i am making sure not to slam back the door too loudly.
one day, you will realize i am missing and you will try to fill my spot with so many other people, but trust me, that spot will always empty.

i am just so tired of loving a person who only loves me when it’s convenient.


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