March 11, 2014

Notes For Myself ;, Real me; Real story :)

im just too used to being alone
and then when things are finally going awesome
and i have so many amazing ppl in my life
they always turn to shit and end up being the asshole i was warned about

i trust too easy
i let ppl in too easy
i forgive too easily
just bcos i wanna believe that everyone isnt wat they seem

i have to find everything out the hard way, on my own
and im always the one who comes out second best
if not last
mostly last
pushed to the corner and not needed
like i was never needed in the first place

im tired of giving ppl the benefit of the doubt
tired of giving ppl second chances
and getting made to feel like the idiot when it all falls down

maybe im the idiot

i just wish for once that someone would come in my life and stay
not bcos they feel like they have to,
but bcos they want to.


-March 11, 2014-


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