Notes For Myself ;, Real me; Real story :)

i just want to give up
after all wat am i even fighting for
i dont even hav a clue wat i want to do
how can i pull all my efforts and hopes into something im not even sure that i want?

im just so tired of havin to live up to other’s expectations
im tired of not knowing wat i want
im tired of feeling like i dont belong
im tired of feeling stuck
im tired of feeling worthless
im tired of pretending
im tired of bein alone
im tired of bein different
im tired of havin to try to fit in
im tired of feeling pathetic and left out all the time


i just want to feel like im matter to someone
i want to know that there are ppl who care bout my existence
who would notice when im not there or when something is wrong with me

for once i would very much like to be normal, simple and carefree.


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