be the beauty, not the beast

Notes For Myself ;, Real me; Real story :)

i cant tell u why shes always mad
no one ever listens
unwritten words, silence in her tears
smiles are always missing

too many problems to answer
too many scars to cover

she is afraid
she is lost 
no one can love her


she doesnt know where she belongs
with no place to go
all she knows is being alone
how miserable
unaware shes creating an animal unattainable

when her walls starts crumbling
thats when she holds back most
and with a drink on her hand
she doesnt care if she chokes

rise now, rise now my dear
this will all end soon

dont let the darkness define your fate

with every branch u take
fear is only in your mind
clocks are still ticking when u lost inside

just burn it to the ground
theres always a hidden meaning

when things get lost
and when things are found
and when you find urself

the deepest parts of u will unleash

let your heart and mind meet

promise to be the beauty
not the beast!

beauty and beast


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