Text Message Style


Since many young people are so used to typing text messages in a different way, typing proper Korean can sometimes make the person sound serious or angry. Many young people use a style that is considered cuter. However these should not be used in formal conversation, people who you have a formal relationship with and elders (cases vary).



A/V + ㅁ/음

(instead of A/V + (으)면)

This is not to be confused with the real grammar pattern A/V + (으)ㅁ which turns an adjective or verb into a noun.

  • 일찍 끝남 전화할게 → 일찍 끝나면 전화할게

(If I finish early, I’ll call you)

  • 시간 있음 만나자 → 시간 있으면 만나자

(If you have time, let’s meet)

Simple spelling


▪   맞아 → 마자

▪   싫어 → 시로/시러

응 substitutions

Using 엉, 웅, 앙, 옹, 읭, 잉 instead of 응 ( a low form of ‘yes’). These forms are supposed to be more ‘cute.’

Adding ㅇ as the 받침 to words.

Young people often add ㅇ as the 받침 to words at the end of sentences without a 받침.


▪   오빠! → 오빵!

▪   일찍 만나자 → 일찍 만나장

Substitutes for ~요

~여, ~염, ~엽, ~욘, ~용 , ~효 = Substitutes for ~요 at the end of sentences.


▪   잘 자요 → 잘 자여


Substitute for ~십시오 & ~세요.


▪   (to be added)

삼, ~3

Substitute for ~습니다 and 세요. 삼 is the pronunciation for the Sino-Korean number three, so 3 can be used as well.


▪   소주 주세요 → 소주 주삼

Using ㅅ instead of ㅆ (as 받침)


▪   했어 → 햇어

▪   먹었어 → 먹엇어

(Note: This is usually just a typo.)

Spelled as pronounced

Some words are spelled the way they are commonly pronounced.


▪   뭐 → 머 / 모

▪   뭐 해? → 머 해?

▪   뭐 해? → 모 해?

▪   줘 → 조

▪                     물 좀 줘 → 물 좀 조

▪   봐 → 바

▪                     내일 봐 → 내일 바

▪   되 / 돼 → 대

▪                     안 돼 → 안 대

쥐 instead of 지

Sometimes 쥐 is used instead of 지 to sound more cute.


▪   인사해야지 → 인사해야쥐

음 words

Words like 다음, 마음 become just 담 and 맘.

~긔 instead of ~고

Sometimes ~구 is used instead of ~고 to sound cuter.


▪   잘 자고(잘 자구) → 잘 자긔 for Good night!

Noise used when 겸연쩍을 때

Noise used for laughter, used when 어이없을 때 (especially when girls are)


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